FarmYourLot Members 


 Transparency is one of the qualities that makes Farmyourlot innovative and unique. Members will have the special opportunity to see how, and who grows their food. The way it should always be! 

 Our guest will have access to our walk-in cooler and be able to purchase produce directly from the farm. 

 And since our cooler is restocked daily with seasonal fruits, and veggies. You will be reassured that you will always receive the freshest food for yourself, and your loved ones. 

 Members will also have the option to receive weekly produce boxes delivered directly to their home. Produce will vary depending on season. (Must live within a 20 miles radius of the farm). 

Home Garden installation 


  Want to grow produce in your backyard, but don't have the time or tools? FarmYourlot will do the installation for you, while you get to reap all the delicious benefits. 


 And wether you want a tiny bed of herbs, or a huge garden filled with a variety of produce, we will provide the services to accomplish those goals! 



    Gardening Consultation 

If you'd prefer to grow your home garden by yourself, gardening consultation is also available upon request. With guidance from our head farmer, he will help you bring your vision to life.   


         Micro green trays 

 Why include micro greens in your diet? 

 Micro-greens contain high concentrations of nutrients compared with mature vegetables and herbs. Due to their high antioxidant content, micro-greens are considered a functional food that promotes health or prevents disease. 

 And with the variety of micro greens that we grow, we have something for all needs! Including bulk for local restaurants.  


   Microgreen starter trays 

 Growing microgreens is quick, easy and convenient, regardless of your amount of experience in the garden.


We provide you with all the tools you need to grow these super greens in comfort of your own home! 

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