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Farmyourlot is the innovation towards healthy, and sustainable urban farming.


 Our mission is to encourage families to learn the benefits of plant-based urban farming that is sustainable, nutritious, and community-oriented. Gardens, including backyard chickens, will be incorporated on eager landowner’s lots promoting unity between the farmer, the community, and our food. Unlike big chain grocery stores, our product does not sit in trucks for weeks traveling through states, even countries, just to later be sold to consumers as "Fresh produce".


 At Farmyourlot, not only will you be able to witness first hand the freshness of our produce, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that we do not use any pesticides, chemicals, or GMO's, making our produce the best choice for the health of your family and loved ones. 


 Through involvement and education, our landowner partners and customers will enjoy fresh, organic local produce.

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