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Welcome to our urban farming blog! Here we share information about sustainable farming practices and tips for growing healthy crops in an urban environment. 

Farmyourlot promotes healthy and sustainable urban farming.

Urban Farm; Grows various vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruits. Wellness and balance with nature centered around and in the healing properties of organic growth; what we consume matters and builds a healthy community.


FarmYourLot is a sustainable and environmentally friendly grower focused on companion planting in healthy, productive environments that produce high-quality, fresh produce. We grow on residential and urban lots with a simple row of veggies or a small greenhouse.

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  • Do you offer a CSA?
    Yes, we're interested in community-supported agriculture. FarmYourLot's hyper-focus on staying local is centered on its customer's relationship with the farmer; The concept of "know your farmer" is about creating a closer connection between you and the people who produce your food. We encourage consumers to learn more about where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised. By getting to know us, your farmer, you can better understand the challenges and benefits of sustainable agriculture. Support environmentally friendly, humane, and socially responsible practices while building trust and mutual respect with the people who produce your food, connecting to your local community and the land around you. Knowing your farmer can also provide consumers with fresher, healthier, and more flavorful food and the opportunity to try new and unusual varieties that may not be available in supermarkets. It can also promote food security and help to reduce the environmental impact of food production and transportation by supporting local, small-scale agriculture. If you're interested, let me know, Brad
  • What is your live chat about?
    Our live chat is a weekly event that takes place every Monday and Saturday from 12 to 3 pm CST. During the chat, I will answer questions about urban farming and gardening. I'll be live on YouTube during this time as well, so you can tune in and participate in the conversation.
  • Who can join the chat?
    Anyone who is interested in urban farming and gardening is welcome to join the chat. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, I'm here to answer your questions and share my knowledge.
  • What topics will be covered during the chat?
    The focus of the chat will be on simple and sustainable urban farming and gardening but I'm open to answering questions on related topics as well. So whether you're curious about composting, container gardening, or anything in between, feel free to ask!
  • How do I join the chat?
    To join the chat, simply go to our YouTube channel during the designated time and send in your questions through the chat feature. I'll be monitoring the chat here as well and answering questions in real-time.
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